24/7/365 GROW


Quick ask for prayer for the entire group heading down to Great Escape in the morning.  Just got back to church with the VANS.  We depart @ 5:30am Eastern Time tomorrow morning (just 11 hours away).  I need to get home and pack and get to bed!   

Please Pray For…

1. Safe Travels on the road (600 miles each way)

        2. A bond between the leadership team (myself, Monica Casey, Andrea Hudson, Mary Alice Callaway)

3.  UNITY amidst the students (5 guys, 9 girls)

4.  For God to change lives!  We expect that…COME LORD JESUS!

5.  For this trip to serve as a POWERFUL spring board into our first full fall in the NEW 2 STUDENT MINISTRY here @ 2nd! 

Thanks so much!  Talk to you next week about how the Lord moved in our  midst!  Praying for you all today, right now, as I sign off for the week! 


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