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Quick check in! (Coffey Anderson)

                  Hello to the blog world!  So excited to touch base with you real quick this morning!  I’ve had many of you asking me about when I would blog again.  I have been taking a break during my sabbatical to spend more time in the Word, more time reading, and a lot of time on the golf course.  The Lord is filling my heart and rejuvenating my spirit as I prepare to take the reigns of the student ministry @ 2nd downtown!  Exciting week here in the Aronowitz house as we host professional golfer from Iowa Derek Bohlen.  Derek tees off this morning in the East TN Classic @ River Islands in Kodaks.  It has been awesome to spend time with him, hear about his heart and his family, and to talk about what God has been doing in both of our lives.  We spent some amazing time together yesterday at Rarity Pointe Golf Course practicing (me getting a free lesson!!) and sharing about how God encourages us as we both take steps of faith in ministry and in professional golf.  Derek shared with me a Christian music artist who blesses him while he travels on the road.  I had never heard of him and I absolutely love the sound and his conviction for the Lord!  Coffey Anderson!  Want to share it with you this morning.  I am praying for you all and I look forward to re-joining the blogging world full-time on June 1st as I blog to you live from 2nd pres!  Have an incredible Thursday.  


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