24/7/365 GROW

12 hours left…

About to “head to the office” at FFUMC for the last time.  One thousand four hundred and twenty days I’ve  started my morning as the Director of Youth and Young Adults at First Farragut.  Crazy to know that tomorrow I will wake up and no longer be responsible for those ministries.  Definitely bitter sweet this morning.

Had an amazing Sunday night at UMYF with the students and a handful of their parents.  They provided me all  of the closure I needed to move on.  They GOT IT!  Over the last four years they GOT IT!  The parents have been awesome in plugging into the life of my family, my vision for student ministry, and in bringing their young people to events.  They knew they could count on a solid commitment to the Word of God and the leadership team meeting their kids exactly where each kid was at.  The photo album….AWESOME!  The photo frame with the “last photo” on the way…AWESOME.  The cart full of raffle prizes for my next student ministry…LIFE CHANGING.  The packet stuffed full of letters for me to read over the next 6 weeks…AMAZING…and hard to think about.  The emotions will be pouring out as I curl up with a cup of coffee on the couch tomorrow to begin the process of working through each letter.

I believe that I have “fought the good fight” (winning souls to Jesus) and kept the faith during my journey at FFUMC.  I also know that today I will cross the finish line of this portion of life’s marathon.  My responsibilities related to the student ministry at FFUMC will shift dramatically as I become a prayer warrior.  I can only pray as someone else takes over…as opportunities to bring the Word on Sunday nights are gone, as opportunities to preach the Gospel on Sunday morning are no longer, as teaching in Young Adults is passed on to the next, as fall retreats, winter getaways, and summer missions is now in the hands of other disciples of Christ.  You can believe I will be praying though.  I will also be reading during my break.  My dad has already sent me one book he wants me to go through…”too busy not to pray,” by Hybels…and I will be praying for FFUMC.   12 hours left…just a few final pieces left in the office.  A few final things to type up…and one last time in the Passion of the Christ at Youth Bible Study tonight.  I woke up this morning thinking immediately about the last day…and for the first time in a long time…I’m okay with it.  We have prayed for so long…we have been faithful where we are planted…God opened a door…and today we are walking through it.  See you inside.


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