24/7/365 GROW

Walking by faith…not by sight

                 The last year or so has held with it a healthy level uncertainty in my journey with Christ.   Becca and I began to sense that God was up to something…something that was outside of ourselves.  There was difficulty in the midst of that realization as ministry with young people was so strong!  So much of what God has been up to has been hard to see and hard to understand.  There have been tearful, angry, and confusing nights.  At the bottom of the pile of our confusion rested our faith.  We had placed so much personal worry, fear, and discouragement on top of Christ that it had become difficult to lean on the EVERLASTING GOD.  As we began to peel down the layers of uncertainty God began to reveal himself to us…and then he provided an open door and asked us to walk through it with him.  It seems like the easy thing to do…to walk by sight.  We can see where we are going and we think that the path that we choose to travel will be safe.  We trust in ourselves to pick a physical path that will not harm us.  Yet somehow in the midst of picking our own path we can experience pain, heartache, and termoil.  Saying to God, “I know best the path that I should travel,” does not work.  For a short period of time I covered up my faith with worry and said that I could handle the stress.  When I chose to walk by faith and be open to the path that God had laid out for my wife and I the blurred vision began to subside.  And although I stand before you today very broken through the pain of saying goodbye to so many youth and young adults that I love, I also proclaim to you that walking by faith in the one true God is the path to take.  My journey has seen significant amounts of change.  A church member hugged me on Sunday and said, “We love you Mark, and the only constant in life sometimes feels like change.  Its okay.”  Being from one area from birth to age 18 I never believed I would live in 4 states all across the country from 18-29.  But I know that I have been to those places because God has called me there.  And I know that the constants in my life have been my FAITH and my FAMILY.  And as long as I continue to walk by faith alongside my family God will continue to reveal himself to me…and I can handle that.

                Was getting ready to come into the office today (only 6 days left) and I heard this song on the radio.  Let it speak to you today.  Was such a song of peace and comfort amidst the transition that awaits my family.  Know today that I am praying for you all, as I do every single morning when I arrive at FFUMC.  And know today that the difficult decisions that I have made have come not by my personal desires, but through my faith in Jesus Christ.


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