24/7/365 GROW

A slow week offers…

…reflection, stillness, time with family and friends, and quiet moments.  The offices are busy with activity again as Stefani, Brenda, myself, and Susan are working.  Previous three days have been EXTREMELY quiet with some folks taking advantage of spring break with their families.  Becca and I decided to keep things close to home.  I’ve had a quiet office week (in and out) with some advanced planning for upcoming youth groups and Sunday School lessons.  Have also had some relaxing times with Becca and the dogs watching movies, cooking some great meals, and visiting with her parents (we cooked them dinner and relaxed at THEIR house last night).  My head had been spinning over the last 6 weeks as there had been so many things going on (trip to MN, Youth Sunday, Preaching, Youth Groups, New Series, and lots of contact work with kids).  My nights at home seemed to be dwindling and Spring Break (for others) wasn’t coming fast enough.  It is upon us though and the week has been glorious.  Great quiet times at  my office couch, great time in the Word and in Prayer, and fantastic coffee with Starbucks new Tribute Blend!  Often we hear people say, “I need a VACATION!”  I felt I was yelling, “I need a SLOWER WEEK!”…and I got one.  Thank you Knox & Loudon County schools for providing me exactly what I needed.  Praying for you all today as you enjoy your time off or your slower schedules.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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