24/7/365 GROW

Slowly but surely…

I’m sitting in the office right now making some final tweaks to my sermon for Sunday.  Has been a long week of reading and preparation…definitely has been a SLOWLY but SURELY process in how it has come together.  It is always a challenge for me when I’m teaching on something so significant from the Gospels with multiple accounts of the happenings.  Each can be fascinating with some referencing things that the other Gospels left out.  I’m excited to share with you all in about 48 hours what the Lord has put on my heart…which will definitely include just a little bit of laughter!

In honor of my slowly but surely process this week I wanted to shout out our family friend on the PGA TOUR, Ben Crane, as he released his latest CRAZY VIDEO this week on his website.  The video itself was debuted on the Golf Channel with Rich Lerner and is hilarious.  So, watch it below, Ben Crane on SLOW PLAY, and laugh a little bit today.  See you all in church on Sunday morning!


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