24/7/365 GROW

The rains came down and the floods came up…

Those words come from a childrens song I remember singing at Community Bible Church in Mt.Vernon, Iowa.  It tells the story right now here in East Tennessee where the RAIN WON’T STOP!  I had been excited in the last couple of weeks to get out and walk with my dogs more and to WALK my golf rounds.  There is not much of either happening right now as it has essentially been raining non-stop (minus a 24 hours break) since Saturday.  Suppose to continue through today and part of tomorrow.  I’m suppose to golf with some friends on Saturday morning…wondering how wet it will be 48 hours after all this is over?!

The rain though can be a great thing.  We’ve had a crazy winter here in East Tennessee with more snow than people can remember for decades.  The cold air and the white fluffy stuff kept on coming…so for the precipitation to be falling in liquid form to me signals the coming of spring!  I can see green grass starting to grow in patches and some plants are starting to sprout in our front yard landscaping.  It also provides a great atmosphere for studying.  There is nothing happening outside but cold wet mud…so it is much easier for me to stay indoors and be productive.  That is a great thing this week because I’m preaching on Sunday!  We are kicking off our Lenten series, 24 Hours that Changed the World, this Sunday in church.  Brewster is out of town for spring break so I’m going to get us started rolling down the tracks towards Easter Sunday.  Excited to bring the Word and to talk about the LAST SUPPER, a meal that definitely defined Jesus and can define us as Christians!  Will be looking at the Last Supper from Mark’s Gospel with a couple of hops over to John to check out some other cool happenings in the UPPER ROOM.  I know that many of you will be out of town for Spring Break, but if you’re not, make sure that you are in the house Sunday morning!  I’m praying for you all as we move closer to the kick-off & I am hopeful that you will hear the Word in a new way  on the 13th, a way that will alter your way of living and cause you to think!

Have a great Ash Wednesday…if it’s raining, get to work.  If it’s not, take a personal day and enjoy the sunshine!  See you all soon!


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