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                         I am writing this post from the bedside of Leslie Goss here on Friday morning at the University of Minnesota Hospitals!  Barry is grabbing a bite to eat so I’m standing in for a while.  She is resting comfortably, she looks WONDERFUL (she doesn’t feel that way…but she does!), and her spirits are high!  She was sitting in one of the visitors chairs when I came in this morning!  What a wonderful surprise!  I am so encouraged!  Last night in a short discussion that I had with Leslie she was adament that people understand why she did what she did.  She didn’t donate a Kidney to be a hero or to have people thank her for how wonderful she is.  She did it because of who Jesus Christ is in her life.  She did it because of her unwavering faith.  It was an act of Love that has been modeled to her by her Savior.  It was such a humbling conversation and put into perspective just how amazing she is.  I told her that although she didn’t do it to be a hero, that she was.  She is a HERO OF FAITH!  And if Leslie can follow God’s leading in her life to donate a Kidney, can’t we also follow God’s leading in the smaller things in life?  You might not be asked to donate one of your essential internal organs today, but you might be asked to be-friend a stranger.  You might also be led by God to reach out to somebody who is hurting or to give more of your personal finances to the local church or to a Christian organization.  And although personal recognition shouldn’t be our goal, being a hero of our faith in Jesus Christ, a Champion of the faith, absolutely can be!  If there was one thing that Leslie could audibly speak to every single one of you who have been praying for this entire situation, she would say to let it inspire you live out your faith in a new way, in a bigger way, in a way where the name of Jesus is glorified!

                          I’ll never forget a sweet praise song that I grew up singing at Community Bible Church in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.  It was called, “This is the day.”  The chorus sang, “This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.  This is the day.  This is the day, that the Lord has made!”  I can’t get that song out of my head this morning.  I have been singing it since I woke up and had my time with the Lord.  Such an exciting day here in the Twin Cities as we celebrate a FLAWLESS day of surgery when Leslie Goss provided her brother-in-law Scott Ellspermann a new Kidney and a new life.  Every single time a doctor came to “camp Gosspermann” in the surgery waiting room we received good news.  The most exciting part of the day came when we received the last of many visits from many doctors.  He informed all of us that EVERYTHING was over and EVERYTHING went great and EVERYBODY was okay.  You definitely expect that to be the outcome, but when the reality of the good news becomes official it is extremely emotional.  The tears were flowing from all of us as we celebrated together.  Praise God for his hand of protection on our dear friends.  Praise God for the opportunity I have had to walk through this with them.  And praise God for the faith of my friend, Leslie Goss. 



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  1. Jeanette Krupski

    Steven and I have a dear friend from the military that received a kidney from her brother. She is still doing great and this was 30+ years ago.

    We are prayinf every step of the way and probably on the hour.

    God bless,


    February 19, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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