24/7/365 GROW


So proud of my wife…on Valentine’s Day no less!!  AWWWW!  We returned last night from Birmingham, Alabama, where yesterday morning Becca started & finished (the important part!) her 8th marathon in her 8th state!  The course was beautiful, running in and out of downtown with 1 loop for the half-marathoners and 2 loops for the marathoners.  My initial goal when the morning started was to see Becca 8 times during the race.  With 9,000 runners and a lot of one way streets to navigate I was concerned about getting to scream for her when she needed the encouragement.  As soon as the gun sounded though I was on a mission!  I ended up driving around like a crazy person for the 5 hours she was on the road and was able to see her, start and finish included, about 20 times!  It was such a job to cheer her on to another incredible accomplishment.  To say I was BEAMING WITH PRIDE today would be a DRAMATIC understatement.  Becca has now finished Marathon’s in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, and Alabama!  Upon the completion of just 2 more she will gain entry into the 50 states Marathon club!  We are hoping to have her run the DISNEY MARATHON in January of 2012 as her 10th race!

Becca is an extraordinary woman of God with whom I am blessed to share my life with.  She continues to inspire me in so many ways.  From her ability to create anything and everything to her compassionate heart for people (especially young people) to her aspirations in running to glorify God…I am such a blessed man.  God sent me Becca as a gift.  Today I continue to be humbled by that gift.  Congratulations sweet-heart on finishing another race and inspiring so many people to have big goals and a big heart!

Check back in with me tomorrow as I write about a very special collection of families connected to First Farragut United Methodist Church.  I’ll be headed to Minnesota to be with them in 48 hours!  I’m praying for you all today; that you would live your life in such a way where people are inspired by your faith, where they see something different, where they see Christ!


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