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Just one of the reasons why my father is my hero

My father was God’s agent in my life to put in my heart a love for people.  I truly love God’s people.  I enjoy so much getting to be a part of people’s journey.  My Dad, in ministry now for over 30 years, is a PASTOR TO THE PEOPLE.  Yes, he uses the local church as his home base and as a solid foundation, but that doesn’t keep him behind a desk.  My father is at his best when he is pursuing people with genuine love and care.  He meets people where they are at and allows God to paint the picture of the relationship that will grow.  Neat post from my dad on his website about his interactions with God’s people!  He continues to inspire me…as do the people he walks through life with.  Check out his post below entitled, “A Unique Opportunity.”

“Over the past 6-7 weeks I was given an wonderful opportunity to be Claire Williams’ pastor. Claire was a coworker of one of the men who attends my Monday night men’s study. Mike Holley, an attorney at the Lanier law firm asked if I would visit Claire in the hospital shortly after she was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Claire did not have a local church connection and after visiting with her she asked if I would be her pastor as she walked with Christ through her remaining days. Claire Elise Williams passed away peacefully last Thursday January 13th after a brief yet courageous battle with cancer. I did her graveside service on Monday January 17th at 10 a.m. and then we had a Celebration of Life Memorial service at 2 p.m. at the Stone Chapel Church. She was 48 years old & is survived by her daughter Gabrielle 22-a senior at Baylor, her daughter Miriam 16,  her son Jacob 14, and her son Christian 11.

Claire was a single parent African-american woman who moved from New Orleans to Houston when hurricane Katrina hit. She & her 4 children were told to get out before the levees broke. The lawyer she worked for in New Orleans was the one who encouraged her to leave realizing there would be nothing left after the levees gave way. I spoke to this attorney at the visitation this past Sunday evening at the funeral home & she said the area Claire lived in with her family has never been rebuilt. She also told me how Claire was the top person in a jobs training program & so was hired to work for this legal firm. Claire would later be honored at the White House with President Goerge Bush as a distinguished graduate of the job training program. This lawyer said it was Claire’s faith that caused them to instantly bond. She was the one who contacted the Lanier law firm in Houston to tell of her situation & see if they would help her out. I am going to include the tribute that was written by Mike Holley to give you the rest of the story of this remarkable woman.

A true daughter of the Crescent City, Claire Williams came to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Claire quickly became a loyal and loved employee of the Lanier Law Firm where she worked as a skilled legal assistant. But Claire was, and is, much more to all whose lives she touched.

Claire was a beautiful and loving spirit, full of grace, and always ready with a word of encouragement. Humble and gentle in nature, Claire treated everyone she encountered with respect and dignity. A woman of great dignity herself, Claire was a model of service and patience and a model of Christlikeness to all her friends and family. Most importantly, Claire loved her family immensely. She is with her precious Jesus now, but her family and friends are grateful for the time they had with her.

written by Mike Holley as a tribute to his friend & coworker Claire Williams.

I am privileged to say that I am Claire Williams pastor and was able to share God’s Word, the Lord’s Supper, and prayer together over these past 6-7 weeks. It truly was an experience that I will cherish from all of my ministry experiences.”



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