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8th Marathon in her 8th state! GO BECCA!

So…not enough blog posts about my wife…definitely need to fix that.  My wife is amazing.  She has been training for her 8th marathon for too long now!  We had planned on a trip to Walt Disney World for just after the new year so she could run the Disney Marathon and ended up putting that on hold.  She continued training for a marathon six weeks later than Disney.  This Sunday she will hit to the Birmingham, Alabama streets for the MERCEDES MARATHON!  It will be her 8th marathon in her 8th different state.  She needs only 2 more after this Sunday to gain entry into the 50 states marathon club.  Now that I can call myself a “marathon runner,” having completed the Rutledge Marathon in November of 2009, I completely understand what Becca is about to endure this weekend.  Marathon’s are emotional, draining, energizing, and spiritual.  They make you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world…to which I would say to my wife…”you can accomplish anything in the world!”  Becca is the most amazing woman I have ever laid my eyes on.  I am so thankful for her love and support in my life.  I’m thankful for her strong faith and for her inspirational spirit.  Becca’s “gifts” list (the things God has blessed her with) is a mile long.  She still makes me want to be a better man, a better husband, and a better Christ follower.  When I wake up I still ask myself, “how can I make Becca’s life better today?!”  Although we have PLENTY of imperfect moments we know that God has blessed us.  I am looking forward to celebrating #8 with my bride this weekend and getting her a little  bit closer to one of her dreams in running a marathon in ALL 50 STATES!  Please pray for her as she takes to the streets early Sunday morning.  Pray for strength, good health (we have both been a little under the weather this week), and a strong spirit.  We will return home shortly after the race on Sunday night and I will post on her Birmingham journey Monday morning!

Have an amazing Tuesday serving your loved ones and serving the Lord!  Peace!


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