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The Perfect Blend

                    I began a new series this week with our Young Adults and Youth called, “The Perfect Blend.”  The intro to the series is powerful, and says…

“For an entire generation of Christians, Billy Graham represents what evangelism should be-an effective communicator speaking at a big event, persuading lots of people to make decisions.  As effective as Graham and other crusade-type ministers have been, there has been an unfortunate result.  Many Christians now think their role in evangelism is simply to invite people to hear those who really know how to share the gospel.  Evangelism is seen as the work of paid ministry professionals-not a significant part of the Christian’s everyday life.  Is this how it should be?  Or does Jesus have something else in mind for each of us?  That is what we will be looking at over the next 6 weeks.  God wants us to find the perfect blend of life and faith.”

                        Even my generation was plugged into Billy Graham!  I attended a crusade at the Metrodome in Minneapolis when I was in High School!  Michael W. Smith and D.C. Talk were with Billy Graham and it was truly amazing.  I agree with the assesment by Chris Conrad in “Perfect Blend” in that today’s generation of Christ followers are committed to getting people to events but are dropping the ball in evangelizing with their lives at home!  It has already began to stretch the Christ followers in my ministry as they are having to look at VERY SPECIFIC examples in their own lives of how their faith is blending in with their lives…and some of them are seeing that the blend is not right! 

                 Many of you know that I am a coffee snob (part of the reason I picked up the series by author Chris Conrad…the picture on the front).  When I make my morning cup of coffee there is a blend that I have to balance in order for the coffee to taste great.  Even more challenging is making a cup of French Press coffee….MY FAVORITE!  The grind has to be perfect, the water temperature has to be around 200 degrees…close to boiling!  The amount of coffee to water is essential.  And then the timing of events as you put everything together can make or break your morning cup of joe!  Making a great cup of coffee provides a unique parallel to our life with Christ.  Is the balance right?  Or is our faith focused on Sunday morning, Wednesday nights, and special events (trips/retreats)?  Do we do things with the right timing?  Do we apply our faith based on God’s timing?  When we see something happening around us do we respond as Christ’s representative in the world?  Or are we so focused on, “Me, Me, Me,” that we miss out on opportunities to share Christ without even cracking open a Bible!? 

                       Some of my youth group students have turned into coffee lovers, especially relating to the atmosphere that is provided for fellowship in a coffee shop environment.  I have talked about french press coffee being the absolute best (it is!) and have included a little how to video that I found on YouTube…not the best, but it does communicate pretty well!  Hope that you all have a great day and I pray that you find the perfect blend of Life and Faith on the last Thursday in January!


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