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UMYF with Brandon Pasion!

                    Growing up in Eastern Iowa in the Mt.Vernon class of 2000 had its challenges.  For me, finding friends who were like minded in a relationship with Christ and who shared similar interests was difficult.  One guy changed that though.  His name is Brandon Pasion.  Brandon and I developed a special bond @ Mt. Vernon Community High School & @ Community Bible Church.  Brandon’s dad Woody was the Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor at the church.  My dad, Steve, was the Senior Pastor.  Tough to find a better connection than being the preacher’s kids at the same church.  Brandon and I shared many interests, the main one being music.   Choir took up the majority of our lives in high school with one of the top choral programs in the state of Iowa under the direction of Joleen Nelson.  But, our favorite thing to do was to hang out in an empty church and to play the pianos and sing together!  I still have some of the stuff that we did together recorded on CASSETTE TAPES!  Brandon was a great friend.  Flash forward 12 years…Brandon is a Worship Pastor in Brentwood, California and I am a youth and young adult pastor in East Tennessee.  This weekend we will be hanging out for the first time in almost 10 years!  He is going to be leading Worship @ UMYF on Sunday night & then we are going to play some golf on Monday!  Really excited to re-connect with a great friend and to do some ministry together.  God has done a work in both of our lives to get us to this point.  Brandon is married to his wife Katy and has a 3 year old daughter Olivia!  Becca and I are looking forward to hosting him and making him want to come back and bring his family with him next time!  Check out one of his ORIGINAL SONGS below! 

                       YOUTH GROUP….COME HANG OUT with Brandon and I this Sunday night as we have one of the greatest UMYF’S EVER!  5:30pm-7:30pm on the Hill @ FIRST FARRAGUT!


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