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An image of the first chair

                       Resurrection 2011 was truly an amazing experience for all those who were blessed to attend.  The image that remains is that of four chairs in a row…and the first chair being that of a sold out and committed follower of Jesus Christ.  Many of our students realized during the weekend that they were in the first chair…AMAZING!  A number of students communicated to me that they felt so great to know that they were saved!  They were able to pray for their friends who needed to step forward to receive the gift of eternal life.  Other students realized that they were in the second chair.  They knew that they were saved but had lost all of their flavor for Christ.  People who were watching them were not seeing somebody who was sold out for Jesus Christ before everything else.  They needed to slide over one chair and change their way of living!  Others realized for the first time that they had not ever received the free gift of eternal life (3rd and 4th chairs) and were ready to take that big step! 

                     The image that I could not get out of my head was that of an orchestra concert.  I watched a handful of my students participate in the Knoxville Youth Symphony Orchestra concert this fall at the Tennessee theater.  What I loved about sitting their and soaking it all in was the beginning of each new set of musicians.  They tune their instruments, make final preparations for the performance, and then SILENCE swept over the orchestra and the crowd.  The conductor walked in and everybody applauded.  The conductor then walked over to the FIRST CHAIR and shook the hand of the young musician and acknowledges him!  What a POWERFUL moment for that aspiring musician! 

              Shouldn’t we all be striving to have that represent our life with Jesus Christ?  We live our lives committed to HIM who created us.  We use our talents to the absolute best of our abilities, trying to live in the first chair.  We fine tune our talents and then do the best we can do for our heavinly conductor!  And in the end God the Father  approaches us, acknowledges us, shakes our hand, and says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  May we all live life today striving to experience the joy that comes to those in the FIRST CHAIR.  Have a great Monday.


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