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Ben Crane video #2 (Pre-round routine)

              I have found a great deal of stillness in golf during the last 2 years.  There is nothing like the sun rising on the driving range and a warm cup of coffee steaming in the golf cart.  I probably played 15-20 rounds last year by myself during the early morning hours.  They were wonderful.  There was no stress standing over the golf ball.  It didn’t matter where the shot ended up or what the final score was.  It was peaceful and full of solitude.  Since just after the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP in September my pre-round routine has included some time in prayer and a short 3-5 minute devotional.  I want my relationship with Christ to be a part of EVERYTHING that makes up my life…including 4 hours on the golf course.  I am thankful for Ben Crane and the Christian men and women that are in his corner on the PGA TOUR.  They created a devotional during 2010 that is put together like a yardage book.  This year’s devotional can be found at http://bencranegolf.com/.  Even if you are not a golfer these are FANTASTIC daily devotionals. 

              Also, Ben released another hilarious video about his pre-round routine.  Check it out below and have an amazing Thursday.  It is so important today that you pursue stillness with Christ.  Find some time in your day to allow Christ to speak to you. 


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