24/7/365 GROW

It’s a snow monster!!!

                  Ever since I moved to East Tennessee I have pleaded with my  “higher authority” to release some of the white fluffy stuff from the sky.  To say that my prayers were answered this week might be a bit of an understatement.  In the early hours of Monday following UMYF Sunday night the snow began to fall.  Schools let out.  And the snow continued to fall.  The cold weather came with it.  Tuesday morning came.  Schools let out.  The cold weather continued.  Snow kept falling.  Wednesday came.  Schools again said, “we are closed!”  This is where we are right now.  Freezing cold weather…snow and ice covering many of the local roadways…and much of Knoxville still on shut down.  With wind chills reaching near single digits and very little equipment to remove the snow and ice…school tomorrow again appears to be doubtful.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I live near the office and have been able to get most of my work done at the church.! 

                    So, today I offer my thanks to the higher authority!  Yesterday as the Lead Pastor and I worked in the offices he called me on my phone (from down hall) as the snow was POURING from the sky and said, “what is this, Maine!!!!??  Enough!!”  I have re-lived my childhood days of snow storms and school cancellations and icy roads this week…and it has been wonderful!  Many people here are sick of it (probably some of you who are reading this!)…but I would love it for weeks to come!  Winter is suppose to be white!  We’ll call it a winter blessing for this Iowan at heart…and blessings keep me going.  Blessing for you??….or no?

                       Happy Wednesday to you all!  And to my youth…It’s the final countdown to Resurrection 2011!  48 hours to go!  Get packed, get pumped, and get ready!  It is going to be amazing!  John 3:30


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