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Greater than I

                 As soon as the New Year begins my youth group gets excited about what is right around the corner.  Next weekend, January 14-16th, we will head to Gatlinburg for our annual Winter Retreat at Resurrection 2011!  It is such an awesome opportunity for us to get re-charged at the beginning of the year…especially after the Christmas season!  This year’s theme is, “greater than I,” from John 3:30, which says, ” He must become greater, I must become less.”  This is such a fantastic theme for young people as the world today is telling them to look out for number one and that THEY MUST BE THE GREATEST!  One of the best ways to experience the reality of an intimate and personal walk with Jesus Christ is to HUMBLE yourself before the Lord, your family, and your friends.  When we are able to take on a servant’s heart and to pursue Christ and the World as Jesus did our lives will change forever and for the better.  Most of the trips that happen at First Farragut are planned and executed by myself and our leadership team here.  Resurrection is amazing because we get to show up and experience the weekend WITH our young friends!  Very little planning and a whole lot of sweet fellowship.  I am already counting down the days until we depart for the mountains and I am expectantly waiting on God to move in my life in a powerful way!  Please begin to pray for our group as we make final preparations.  We will discuss the theme at this Sunday’s youth group and will hit the road at around 5:00pm on the 14th!  Have an awesome Thursday!


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