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12 Perspectives of Christmas- Day 8/ My personal relationship with Jesus Christ

                  The most important part of my life is the personal relationship that I have with Jesus Christ.  My journey with the Lord began in my Christian home with my incredible Parents and family.  Officially it started in the back of my Oldsmobile Wood sided station wago when I was 5 years old as I prayed with my mother to invite Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins and to come into my heart.  The greatest part of my everyday is the time that I get to spend with Christ.  Some days I am burried in the WORD.  Other days I’m writing in my journal and focusing on prayer.  Whatever the case I am so thankful for the unconditional love that God has for me, especially in sending his Son Jesus to earth (at CHristmas) to walk with us, not to judge us but to love us, and to die for us.  I’m so thankful that the God that I serve has conquered death, lives today, and will come again.   I love that I am free to spend time with him whenever I want to and that I can do so freely.  I love that I can proclaim his truths from my church, from the rooftop of my house, from starbucks, and from wherever else my heart leads me to shout. 

                When I stop to think about the reality of what God did for me through his one and only son I am often brought to my knees.  My life, all be it STRONGLY committed to Christ, is still a life that is human.  I have failed so many times.  My faith has waivered when it should have leaned into who God has promised to be for me.  My lips have spouted things that they should not have.  I have held onto my pride, been angry, Gossiped, and thought horrible thoughts.  And all along my God has not waivered in his love for me.  He has been and will always be the greatest friend I could ever ask for.  I desire to know Him more today than ever before and i am excited about what He is going to do in my life during the coming year.  I’m especially thankful for the plan that he has for me…even as I do not know all the details.  I know that the morning of November 27th could have turned out very different than it did.  I woman, same age as me, same day as me, only 40 miles from my accident site lost her life in a VERY SIMILAR accident.  I know that God’s hand of protection was on me.  More than that I know that God is not yet finished with me.  I’m excited to continue to pursue him here in a close and personal relationship before I meet with Him in Glory.  Have an incredible Tuesday!  SNOW DAY #2 FOR BECCA HERE IN EAST TENNESSEE!  CRAZY!


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