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12 Days of Christmas Perspective- Day 5/ Technology

                      Alright, before you jump all over me for being superficial in being thankful for technological advances here in 2010, let me explain.  I am a people person.  I live for communicating with and building relationships with people.  As I began the process of moving forward from the events of November 27th I found myself so greatful and so thankful to be able to pick up a phone (anywhere) and call my family.  I love that I can talk with my family all across the country whenever I want to.  I love that I can blog to keep people informed about whats going on in my life here in East Tennessee.  I love that I can stay in touch with the happenings in the world (news, weather, sports…etc) so quickly with the internet.  I love that I have been able to connect with so many classmates and friends from the past because of the advances we have made in relation to technology.  It is crazy to think that just 25 years ago so many of these things were unheard of and seemingly non-existent.  Although I don’t support those who are GLUED to technology in border line addictions (seriously, put the phone or blackberry down every now and then), I do believe that we can use these resources to connect with those we work with, those we are friends with, and those that we love.  I live for deep and meaningful relationships with my Jesus, with my family and friends, and with my church.  I believe that technology has allowed for increased depth in those relationships.  I have greater ability to make contacts and a greater number of ways to get in touch with folks.  The number of sources that I can refer to in my studying for youth talks, sermons, trips, retreats, and youth groups, is almost unlimited.  Although I’m still not the smartest guy in the world when it comes to understanding the latest and the greatest in technology I am thankful for how its availability to me and how my limited understandings have impacted my faith, my life, and most importantly, my relationships.

                        Side note today.  My Dad wrote a blog today about our time home at Thanksgiving.  Check it out today at stevearonowitz.com and be challenged by the scripture.  He finished his “greatful heart” post with this…

      God loves an attitude of gratitude. ” In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for your life in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

   Try quoting this verse & begin thanking God for all He has provided for you & see if your attitude changes as you approach a new day. It just helped me get some perspective & it might just do the same for you. Have a great day and remember to be grateful no matter what your circunstances are!

                     Thanks Dad…I share in this attitude of grattitude today and am thankful for my new perspectives on so many things during Advent, when JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!



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