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12 days of Christmas Perspective/ Day 1- LIFE

                     I believe that God allows things to happen in our lives for very specific reasons.  And although I’m not completely sure why I am dealing with all the emotions that come with being in a serious car wreck I am open to how God is using it in my life.  I’m also not sure if I was in need of a JOLT of perspective…but I got it nonetheless.  I know that things could have been so much worse during the early morning hours of November 27th…but the Lord was with me.  I believe that as Christians we must constantly live our lives in RESPONSE to God.  I don’t want to hide my feelings or my emotions.  I don’t want to try and forget that the accident ever happened.  I want to seek after the Lord and trust that understanding will come in HIS timing.  So, in immediate response to what happend last weekend and to the Advent season that is upon us I want to offer a 12 day blog series called, “12 days of Christmas perspective.”  Each day I’ll talk about something in my life that I am thankful for, something that feels a little different, and something that God has His hand in. 

                  Day 1 is LIFE.  Lately I feel as though I’ve taken for granted the air that I breathe and each individual step that I take.  I seem to be looking forward more to what TOMORROW holds than what RIGHT NOW has.  This is something that I talk about so much with my youth and young adults.  Sometimes my schedule is so full and so busy that I look ahead to something I am more excited about to get me through.  Although I use to feel that “this was just the way that I function,”  I’m not sure it is appropriate.  God has blessed me with His Son Jesus Christ, with a personal relationship with Him, and with the gift of eternal life.  He has given me a spirit to love Him, to worship Him, and to serve Him.  He has given me each breath that I take.  If today is just an office day, but tomorrow is a round of golf with some of my guy friends and a date night with my wife…obviously I’m going to be more excited about tomorrow….right?!  Perhaps I’m missing out on something today because all of my time and energy are thinking about something that has not yet come to pass.  I don’t want to miss anymore today’s.  I don’t want to forget to worship Him now in preparation to worship Him tomorrow.  John 6:34 says,Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”   I know that there is nothing more that Satan would want than for me to worry tomorrow so he can catch me today.  One my favorite quotes that I read in a study recently says, “May you accept the past for what it is.  May you celebrate what needs to be celebrated and grieve what needs to be grieved and then, may you receive from god a new spirit, one for here, now, today!”  Lord, create in me a clean spirit today.  A spirit that can love you in the here, the now, the today.  I will praise you even when I do not understand.  Thank you for a new perspective on life that you have given me.   


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