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Thankful beyond words

                Yes, I’m thankful for my faith, my family, and a wonderful time of fellowship in Texas last week.  We celebrated thanksgiving as good as any family could possibly celebrate.  Great food, great prayers, great football and parades, and great games.  It was a dream come true to all be together.  But that dream almost slipped away on Saturday morning.

                I dropped my brother and his wife Mollie off at George Bush International Airport early on Saturday morning.  The clock read just after 5:00am when I hugged them goodbye.  I was helping my Dad out (he had two more trips to the airport later on Saturday) by taking the early shuttle in mom’s mini-van.  I just passed the sign for the entrance to the airport when I caught something white out of the corner of my left eye…everything else is a crazy blur.  When the mini-van came to rest and I realized where I was I remember screaming.  The next five hours were pretty crazy.  Police were trying to figure out what had happened and the ambulance was waiting to take me to a local hospital.  I couldn’t feel much on my left side where I took the impact of the collision.  Before I was transported to the hospital a Houston Police officer came into the back of the ambulance and told me that an Escalade had was trying to make an illegal turn and had hit me.  A third car hit me from behind and on my right side. 

               The rest of the story is filled with crazy details.  I have essentially walked away from this with very minor injuries.  A seatbelt burn, a sore body, and some deep bruising in my shoulder….I feel like I’ve been in a 12 rounder with Evander Holyfield.  But I know those things are minor and each day I will feel better.  I know that the Lord was with me on Saturday morning.  I thought, for a split second at 5:10am, that my time was up.  But I’m alive, I am so thankful, and I am blessed by the hand of God.  I am still having a difficult time with the mental side of things.  It is hard for me to close my eyes and sleep.  I continue to replay the accident in my mind, and that has been difficult.  This Thanksgiving I thought that I would be thankful for all of the same old great things…instead, I’m thankful for God’s hand of protection and for the gift of life…a second chance to continue to live for Him and to allow my daily life to Worship Him and to sing Praises to Him. 

                  Thank you for your prayers, your presence, your text messages and your e-mails, and for being there for my wife and I.  I know that each day that passes things will get a little bit easier.  I am back in the office this morning and looking forward to getting to work in preparation for Advent happenings for the Youth and Young Adults @ First Farragut.  Have a blessed Tuesday…and don’t take for granted the gift of life that we are given today. 


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  1. Weeces

    Hugs for Mark!! Miss you friend.

    November 30, 2010 at 8:32 am

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