24/7/365 GROW

I wish…but i won’t

           Tough to NOT think about Thanksgiving…JUST ONE WEEK AWAY!  Becca and I will be headed to Tomball, TX (Northwest Houston) to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, my brother John and his wife Mollie, my sister Amy and her husband Doug, and my sister Lisa and her husband Kyle!  All four Aronowitz siblings and their significant others enjoying the Macy’s parade, a great meal, football, and some SERIOUS game playing in the kitchen!  We are all really excited and anxious to get the party started!  

               A handful of years ago my brother introduced me to FRIED TURKEY.  I have never in my entire life had such awesome Turkey!  It is absolutely my favorite way to eat turkey at Thanksgiving.  Frying it, however, is something that has me a TAD bit intimidated.  Many of you know that Becca and I are both a tad bit, well, clumsy.  We have both had a number of “injuries” over the years…some legitimate and some fluke.  Because of that I am hesitant to purchase a turkey fryer.  Also…because of this video below I am hesitant to pull the trigger on doing this myself!  Pretty sure we are having traditional Turkey in the oven at my parents house….which is great, and I’m thankful that the backyard fire will wait at least 1 more year!  Hope you are all getting excited about pausing to give Thanks to our creator and about time together with family and friends.  Praying for you all today!  Enjoy the video!!!!!


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