24/7/365 GROW

Clean out your closet…our cubby, or whatever.

                   Most people step inside of my office and say, “wow, this is a cool space!”  That always makes me feel good.  There are pictures of kids and my family up, pictures of places I love (Kinnick Stadium and Mt.Vernon, Iowa), Jerseys, flags, and other things.  It is always pretty clean, neat, and organized…or so people think.  When I moved into a bigger office a couple of years ago we arranged the desks so that there was a SLOT, or CUBBY of sorts.  It was suppose to be for my trashcan and just a couple of bags and what not…but it turned into a place for EVERYTHING except the kitchen sink.  On Monday this week I decided enough was enough.  I began peeling back 2 years of “I don’t know what to do with this item” storage.  Most of it was garbage…some needed to be put in my filing cabinet, other things I had been looking for many months ago and given up on finding.  Now it is back to its original purpose!  My small trash can and a couple of bags that I use on big trips now sit in the clean (and deep I might add) space.  I hung the remaining pictures that needed to be hung on the walls, set up my small Christmas tree, and leaned back in my chair excited about my ORGANIZED space.  I began thinking about my life with Christ…how when I air out my struggles, issues, and locked closets that I don’t want people to see, full of secrets and junk, I feel so great.  When all of the areas of my life are visible for people to see…even the cubbies full of junk and the closets full of secrets, I can more EASILY live out my life’s purpose….which is to GLORIFY GOD by whatever means necessary (using my gifts) in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  With Thanksgiving just a week away it feels good to be organized and to know that my closets are empty, my heart is full of Christ, and that I am blessed.  The clean cubby helps too.  Have a great Wednesday!  Thanksgiving service at First Farragut tonight at 6:30pm.  See some of you there.


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