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A weekend with Dale and Noel

                 Making final preparations this morning for our trip to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to celebrate the marriage of Dale Love and Noel Clark.  Dale and Noel are both in the young adult group at First Farragut and are both AWESOME!  About 6 months ago they came to me with a pretty humbling request…to perform their wedding ceremony!  They will be my first “non family” wedding!  From July of 2009 to July of 2010 I performed all 3 of my siblings ceremonies!  Becca and I will be staying with her brother Caleb and his wife Carrie as we journey through the exciting festivities.  Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night and the wedding is at 5:30pm on Saturday evening at Maple Springs United Methodist Church in Winston.  A number of our young adults from the church will be there, a couple of them are in the wedding, and after talking with Dale and Noel this week I know that they are BOTH ready to get this show on the road.  The greatest part of their wedding is that God is going to be glorified.  They desire to have the GOSPEL presented during the ceremony and for people to understand that what sets them apart is that God is the top part of the triangle that will keep their marriage healthy, exciting, and growing! 

                 I would ask you to pray for a couple of things related to Dale and Noel’s weekend.  First, Dale has had a little bit of a head cold this week which has him a little concerned.  Pray for total healing.  Second, pray for all the little details that make up a wedding weekend.  Pray that all things would go off without a hitch.  Pray for all the people traveling from out of town, that they would arrive safely.  Please pray for me as I perform the ceremony.  Pray that God would speak through me and that he would be honored in a powerful way through my words.  And lastly, most importantly, pray that people would come to know Jesus Christ through Dale and Noel.  Planning the service with them was such a thrill as they both were so passionate about people knowing about their personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

                    Thanks in advance for your prayers.  And to Dale and Noel…I’m so proud of you guys and so honored to be a part of YOUR DAY.  See you in Winston-Salem tomorrow evening! 

                      I’m praying for you all today as you journey through the day and the life that God has for you.



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