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                 It is hard to put into words just how perfect REJUVENATION 2010 was.  It was our 2nd annual Young Adult weekend retreat.  In year one we traveled to Legacy Mountain Resort in the summer, and this year opted for the fall.  6 couples made the journey up into the Smoky Mountains along with my father, Steve Aronowitz, as our guest speaker.  The house was amazing, perched at the top of the RESORT with 360 degree views of God’s incredible workmanship, his glorious creation.  The weekend began with an Italian Feast in the dining room, which was followed by our first session together.  My dad put together an awesome 3 sessions entitled, “Our Spiritual Journey,” which walked through 3 Psalms (Psalm 42, Psalm 139, Psalm 1).  Each session included time alone in the Word out on the balconies or on any of the comfortable pieces of furniture.  Day 2 was filled with an amazing country breakfast, a great morning session in the Word, an awesome surprise lunch together at the Apple Barn, a relaxing afternoon of naps, football, and fellowship, and an evening filled with an INCREDIBLE Surf and Turf Dinner, dessert, and games night in the movie room.  The laughter was contagious and many of us at times found ourselves laughing uncontrollably. 

                    One of the first things my dad did when he began our first session was to define the Word REJUVENATION.  Westers says, “to make young or youthful again.  To give new vigor to.  To restore to an original or new state.” 

                     This is a VERY Biblical concept, “to REJUVENATE.”  Jesus was constantly PULLING AWAY from life with his disciples to renew their minds, spirits, bodies, and souls.  2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation.  The old has gone, the new has come.”  This is so true…and yet, somehow we allow ourselves to become old and stale, tired and burned out, falling away from a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I was so proud of these 6 couples for making the sacrifice to pull away from their busy lives and families in order to put a priority on their spiritual and physical health.  It was truly a weekend that none of us will soon forget.  It was spiritually focused, fellowship driven, and food induced…with the perfect surroundings of LUXURY and GOD’S BEAUTIFUL CREATION.  Is your life, physical and (or) spiritual, in need of a little rejuvenation today?  You don’t need a retreat to place a priority on making yourself new. 

                  Special shout out today to my Event Coordinator Molly Veness for helping to make Rejuvenation such a wonderful experience for our special guests.  I couldn’t have done the retreat without you Molly!  Can’t wait to make next year bigger and better than ever before!

                     Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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