24/7/365 GROW

There is no way I’m doing that….well, maybe…..ok……can I do it again?

                           TRUST.  It’s a big word.  A scary word.  Letting your walls down and allowing yourself to trust someone is a big deal.  An even bigger deal is giving your heart over to God, saying you’ll trust him when you understand what is happening in the world (with your life) and when you don’t understand.  Last night at youth group I did something a little different.  I told them we were going to do the trust fall.  Many of them said that they had done it before…and they quickly realized that what I was talking about was not something they had ever experienced.  I jumped up on the pool table, my head almost touching the ceiling and said, “you guys are going to fall from here…backwards…and your friends are going to catch you!”  The response was almost comical.  “NO!  Are you kidding us?!  We are not falling from there!  You are crazy!”  I had to sit down with them, calm them down, and then explain to them what was going to happen.  And then came the kicker.  I told them that I would go first.  They lined up facing each other, their arms out infront of them with their palms up.  “Ready team?!”  “Team ready,” they responded.  “Falling Mark,” I yelled!  “Mark falling,” they answered back.  And then I fell.  I trusted them to take care of me, to catch me, and to look after me!  Even though I couldn’t see them I trusted that they would be there.  They kids were amazed.  They proceeded to jump up on the pool table and one after another fall into their friends arms.  Even the students that loudly proclaimed that there was no way they would do it made their way to pool table and fell.  It was awesome.  We then spent time talking about the experience and looked at Hebrews 11:1, which says, “What is faith?  It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen.  It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.”

                      Our lives need more blind trust like the trust fall caused the kids to experience.  We so often hold onto control that we cannot allow our faith to guide and direct us.  It is impossible to fall into the arms of our Savior because we refuse, even after we claim God as the most important part of our lives, to allow him to take all of our weight and the full speed of our life and our falls.  I’m not that impressed with people who can rattle of all kinds of Bible Knowledge.  Yes, I think it is amazingly important to know the Bible and to hide the Word of God in our hearts.   But I am way more impressed with seeing people’s FAITH in action in the world.  When its easy to abandon God, they go all in.  When it would be easy to, “curse God and die,” (JOB) they turn to Him and lay their lives at the foot of the cross.

              So what areas of your life are in need of a little more blind trustday to.  And how is your faith this Monday morning?  Have a great day, and an even better week.  I’m praying for you all today.


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