24/7/365 GROW

HEALTHY in so many ways

                    Becca and I have some new and exciting things going on in our lives right now.  We started a new venture with a tea company today (ZIJA) that we both really believe in http://moringa-health-story.com/ and we are both working out regularly now.  Becca has been…but my working out has been A LONG TIME COMING.  We had both planned on training for the Disney World Marathon on January 9th; however, my HORRIBLE knees are not allowing for that…so, it is back to low impact work-outs (walking, biking…stuff like that) for me.  We have also fallen away from REGULAR times in the Word as a couple.  We both pursue Christ in some pretty awesome ways as individuals…but I’m not ashamed to say that I have failed OFTEN as a husband pursuing his wife with the Gospel?  I’m not sure why it can be so hard for ministry guys to pursue their wives with the Gospel with the same passion that we pursue our young people with.  Well…time to get back on that horse!  Becca and I, along with our healthier eating and our venture with ZIJA are pursuing one another in the WORD again at dinner time!  We have meal plans that get established on the weekend for the coming week and share in the cooking and preparation responsibilities.  At the dinner table we crack open a book and THE BOOK and we read, ask questions, talk, and pray!  Both of us have communicated to one another that we feel closer as a COUPLE emotionally when we spend time pursuing Christ together!!  The scripture that Becca and I spent time in yesterday was 1 Peter 4:8, which says, “Above all, love each other deply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”  So often in marriage we fail.  We say something we shouldn’t say, we do something that was the wrong thing to do, and we let our spouse down or hurt them in some way.  This verse communicates clearly to couples how we accept the imperfections in our marraiges.  WE LOVE….NO MATTER WHAT.  And when we love each other well, instead of allowing resentment and frustration to settle in and fester, that LOVE covers over the sins that can divide a marraige!  I’m not perfect, and Becca knows that well.  But her love in action speaks VOLUMES to me.  Becca is not perfect, and I know that.  But my continuous love even amidst her failures keeps us close and connected!

                      So…in honor of our various and exciting ways of pursuing physical and spiritual health I’ve posted a crazy video…perhaps you’ve already seen it.  3 years ago I bought Becca, who is a marathon runner, a treadmill, and she cried tears of JOY!  Maybe I should by 5 more treadmills so we can have some extra fun!  I’m praying for you all today.  Have an incredible Tuesday…and husbands….GO AFTER YOUR WIVES!!!!


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