24/7/365 GROW

Don’t be late to church this Sunday!!!!!!

                          We’ve got something new and exciting for you at FFUMC this Sunday…so don’t be late.  The announcements have changed a little bit!  You and your family will want to see our new way of getting you the inside scoop on the happenings at First Farragut.  I was hanging out on youtube a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across the announcements for a youth pastor’s conference.  I thought to myself, “what an easy way to make people smile and do something a little bit out of the box!”  So, John and I are doing a filming project this morning and will bringing it to you THIS SUNDAY morning in conjunction with John’s mini-series, “IN HOT PURSUIT!”  Now…in case you are wondering, there won’t be any paintball guns or clothespins or shirts off…but it will surely make you laugh and will definitely start your Sunday in the service a little bit differently!  So………………….DON’T BE LATE TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY!  Praying for you all today!


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