24/7/365 GROW


                 Our 4th YOUTH JAM fall retreat was by far the best ever.  Incredible program with STUNT MAN and BETTER THAN STUNTMAN…WOMAN and CUZIN DIXIE.  Awesome talks looking at how JESUS CAME, JESUS DIED, JESUS ROSE, and JESUS WILL COME AGAIN.  Incredible WORSHIP with Clay and Meghan Hamby from Two Rivers Church (they did an incredible job).  The food prep done by Tonya Alsobrooks, and the cook team of Sharon McGuire and Leslie Goss was FIRST CLASS (unbelievable meals!).  The leadership team was SECOND to NONE.  Greg and Liz Shahan, Scott Hilbelink, Randy Kirchner, Tyler Armstrong, Ondie Reese, and Becca Aronowitz were truly a gift from God hanging out with our students! 

               By the time we had reached the conclusion of YOUTH JAM 2010 students were buzzing with Spiritual energy and excitement.  Many youth wore their shirts to school yesterday, sat together, and are already encouraging one another as they walk through life here.  We listened to a SUPER POWERFUL song by Ben Rector after the cross talk on Saturday morning called “READY FOR CHANGE!”…no link to it is available on YOU TUBE…..so….I’m going to challenge you all to purchase it today for .99 cents on ITUNES.  It will be worth the purchase and it will challenge you to approach your fall of of 2010 with a desire to improve as a believer, as a father or mother, as a son or daughter, as a brother or sister, as a friend, or just as a human as you live life!  I’ve posted the lyrics below!  Read them, and then purchase the song!  talk to you all tomorrow!


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