24/7/365 GROW

What my life looks like when events are approaching!

                              To say that the week of a big event at FFUMC is a little crazy would be an understatement.  The office day will start very early, the plates that I juggle quadruple, the bins start appearing on main-street as final preparations and packing begins, and nights are filled with shopping, additional planning, and work at home.  During a 7 day span leading up to and completing a YOUTH JAM fall retreat I will invest about 120 hours of my life!  3 weeks worth of traditional work in order to help pull off 48 hours of some of the greatest organized chaos a young person will ever experience.  The power of the Gospel in students lives deserves a ministry workers VERY BEST.  We currently have 60 students and leaders attending YOUTH JAM 2010.  We leave in just over 2 days…and God has a plan.  Tonight the leaders will meet to make some final preparations for our time at Mountain Lake Ranch.  I would again ask you to pray for myself, Becca Aronowitz, Liz Shahan, Leslie Goss, Sharon McGuire, Ondie Reese, Randy Kirchner, Greg Shahan, Scott Hilbelink, and Tyler Armstrong, as we prepare to lead our Young People into a very special encounter with Christ.  We are going back to the basics this year.  He came, died, rose, and will come again!  The greatest love story ever told will BE TOLD over the course of 2 action packed days in the Smokies!  Thanks for your prayers!


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