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4th annual YOUTH JAM fast approaching!

          On Friday September 10th we will board the buses here at FFUMC for our 4th annual YOUTH JAM fall retreat @ Mountain Lake Ranch in the Smoky Mountains!  Crazy that this is our 4th retreat together…but very excited about it.  This has become, in my opinion, the highlight of our calendar year for the youth.  It is a retreat that is completely original, led by our leaders and counselors.  It provides kids a WOW experience with their friends where they can grow in Christ (lots of ONE-ON-ONE time with Jesus), grow with their leaders, and gain confidence in what it means to walk with Christ 24-7-365!  Great prizes, great fellowship, great worship, incredible talks, unbelievable skits, night games, awesome food…all those things come together to form one of the greatest weekends of the entire year.

                   I wanted to ask for your help this year as we inch closer to youth JAM………..wanted to ask if you would be willing to pray for our leadership team!  The leaders are myself, my wife Becca, Greg Shahan, Liz Shahan, Scott Hilbelink, Randy Kirchner, Leslie Goss, and Sharon McGuire.  We will begin our training for the event next week as we make final preparations with programs and schedules.  I know that God is going to do a work in our young people’s hearts…my greatest prayer is that students would make new commitments to Christ and that others would strengthen their walk.  This is such a tough time of the year with going back to school and feeling all kinds of pressure (schoolwork, friends, activities).  The timing for this retreat during the middle of September could not be better!  I can’t wait.  Check out some of the program from last year at the link below.  My wife played Suzie Holiday, a 26 year old girl scout attempting to earn her dancing merrit badge…I gave her a hard time for 3 days until the last time we saw her…when I joined in to help her achieve her dreams!  HA!  Have a great Wednesday!  Praying for you all!  



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  1. Praying for Youth JAM , your leaders, & students to make new commitments. All over it. Keep going. Your “we get to do this” partner in Tomball.

    September 1, 2010 at 8:34 am

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