24/7/365 GROW

From Iowa they come!!!!

                  After 3 long years of waiting it is official…….my brother John and his wife Mollie will make the trek from the North (er…Midwest) to spend a weekend with us.  They are flying in next Saturday September 4th and will stay through the weekend!  We will be treating them to some REAL southern hospitality; some great food, awesome fellowship, and a round of golf  for the brothers unlike any course you can find up in Iowa.  THIS MADE MY DAY YESTERDAY.  Back in July I had the HONOR of performing their wedding ceremony.   John use to say to me he would never be able to make a trip to Tennessee unless I quit coming to Iowa (6 trips in the last 2 years)!  

                 We are thankful for the opportunity that is being provided to spend time with John and Mollie.  Family is something that gets my heart pounding and my spirit lifted!  Anytime I’ve got things planned with the family my life is good!  And to the Waterloo Aronowitz’s, we are so looking forward to our weekend of fellowship.  It means so much that you would come down to see what life looks like for us!  Can’t wait to pick you up at Tyson McGee! 

                      And because my brother is finally stepping out to see the great state of Tennessee I will honor is alma-mater this morning with a glimpse at the NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS upcoming college football season.  Their football team is in the Football Championship Series (I-AA), and Northern Iowa always has a great team!  Check out their entrance to the field at the UNI-DOME at each home game!

                         Praying for you all today!  Have an awesome Thursday, an even better weekend, and we will talk first thing Monday morning!


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