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One of my heroes

                     Relationships continue to be my way of evangelizing this world.  There is no better way to share Christ with people than to take a genuine interest in peoples lives and to get to know them for who they are.  As a relationship comes out of time spent together the Lord provides opportunities for faith growth or perhaps for faith beginnings!  Young people continue to have a huge impact on my ability to trust in God, no matter what the circumstances.  I think that in our culture today young people are not given nearly enough credit for the outstanding individuals that they are.  I want to tell you this morning about one of my heroes.

                  She is soft spoken, but sincere.  She doesn’t have a desire to be up front, rather, she plants herself squarely into the lives of her family and her friends families and exudes Jesus to them.  She is calm, yet confident.  She is a humble leader.  She leans on the truth of the Gospel and the promises of God better than ANYONE (and I mean ANYONE) that I know.  She allows the simple things in life to bring her Joy.  Her quiet strength has brought me to my knees many times.  I’m speaking of a Senior in my youth group by the name of Megan Scheuneman.  

                    Megan has served recently as the president of the Youth Group and has been a part of every major trip, event, youth group, and Bible Study, since I arrived at FFUMC.  Her consistency, alongside her friends, at First Farragut has helped to create a culture of change in the life of the youth group that has been such a blessing to watch.  Consistency, authenticity, and genuine care are a huge part of who this young woman is.  

                      Recently Megan lost her mom, Kathy Scheuneman, to cancer.  My wife Becca and I sat in a hospital room with Megan and her family back in May before some tests were run.  We laughed together, watched some tv together, and held hands as we talked to Jesus about whatever his plan would be in the coming months.  Just 8 weeks later Kathy went home to be with her heavenly father.  She was a tremendous woman of God with an unwavering commitment to her faith and her family.  Megan is ABSOLUTELY her mother’s daughter.  Shortly after her mom went home to be with the Lord Megan said, ”  My mom had beautiful joy.  I loved her laugh.  Every time she would laugh, it would lift me up so much.  I loved her humor.  She always had witty, goofy things she would do or say that make us all erupt laughing.  She loved to bring joy to those she loved.  Mom makes me strong.  Her determination to stay strong during her suffering of cancer made me want to stay strong for her. 

                Although it hurts to lose my best friend, I know that she isn’t really gone.  She is dancing in fields of grace with Jesus in heaven and she now knows a joy incomparable.  No more suffering: she is with the King of Glory!

                     What makes Megan so special is that I believe every word she says.  I believe her because she speaks out of who Jesus Christ is inside of her.  She lives out of a joy that was provided to her by her Savior and modeled to her by her parents and her brother Matt.  Megan, I want you to know today that you are one of my heroes.  Becca and I are so proud of you and no matter what happens we are ALWAYS here for you.  Thanks for showing us Christ by living for Him.  Thanks for showing us Christ by trusting in Him…when it makes sense, and when it doesn’t make sense. 



One response

  1. Kelly Driscoll

    Wow. I don’t know Megan, but reading this really makes me want to know her! Wonderfully written Mark, your heart shows in this tribute!

    August 25, 2010 at 8:25 am

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