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                  Alright, it is long past time that I begin to offer some resources to people…game ideas, talk ideas, and some strategies for successful youth ministry!  I’m in my 7th year of full-time student ministry and am still LOVING getting to walk through life with young people.  One of the highlights of the journey with students is our weekly get together at FFUMC, which we have labeled as UMYF (United Methodist Youth Fellowship).  While at UMYF we play crazy games (some up front and some ALL TOGETHER), watch some NUTTY skits (people like my wife and some youth leaders usually get roped into this part of the night), have some awesome food (I let parents bring the snacks…gives more people an opportunity to serve and be a part of the ministry), have some worship (our contemporary worship director Jayme comes and leads), we do a RAFFLE (where I give away some dorky and  some DECENT prizes), and then I give a talk at the end of the youth group!  Youth groups are planned carefully, set up to transition well throughout the evening, and rehearsed so that Jesus can move in some awesome ways.  Everything we do has a purpose.  We do great food so the kids say, “WOW!”  We do crazy games so that kids will relax and laugh their heads off!  We do crazy skits with adults making fools of themselves so that 1) the adults can become heroes, and 2) so that the kids will let down their guarded walls and experience the fullness of a youth group centered around Christ. 

                   And when it comes to a youth group talk…I have found that it is EXTREMELY significant to keep talks focused on a THEME.  Underneath the UMYF logo on the wall in the youth room are 6 numbers (24-7-365).  On the otherside of the youth room is the verse John 10:10, which talks about experiencing LIFE TO THE FULLEST.  Every talk that I give is going to come back to the question of, “How do I live my life for Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year?”  I tell the youth that we do what we do here at the church and in our personal relationships with Christ so that they can  experience the most exciting and amazing life they could EVER IMAGINE!  If you take the application part of God’s Word out of a youth talk you’ll have kids come for games and food and then they will CHECK OUT when it comes time to open the Bible.  They have to know how the truth of the GOSPEL matters as they live their lives in the school hallways, in the band room, with their friends on the weekends, on the football field, and anywhere else!  Small groups and intensive Bible Studies give us an opportunity to go deeper and to challenge our kids to think more…youth group should meet every kid wherever they are at.  The talks at youth group should speak to kids who have a relationship with Christ and should also speak to those who are seeking.

                          So, at least once a week I’m going to throw out some ministry resources to help you as you pursue students with the GOSPEL.  If you’re not involved in a student ministry it will just give you more of a birdseye glimpse into what I do as a student pastor!

GAME OF THE WEEK-  BABY BOTTLE COKE CHUG!  Just get a few mini baby bottles at Wal-Mart and a 2 Liter of Coke.  Fill up the bottles about half-way (otherwise you’ll be there all night long), bring the same number of students per baby bottles that you’ve got.  Give them all a baby bib for effect (give the frilly girly ones to the guys), play some music, and see who finishes first!  This game NEVER GETS OLD and works with any crowd.  It is even an upfront game that you can do with middle-school because there is little chance for any type of embarrasment (still…pick confident kids with any up front activities). 

SCRIPTURE of THE WEEK-  The Rich Young Man/ Mathew 19:16-22!  This scripture is CHALKED FULL of great application into following Christ, going to Christ when you have a question or a problem, and talks about how we need to be ready to respond when we are called to do something! 

ALBUM OF THE WEEK-  Kingdom Business- Canton Jones  (is your youth group into HIP HOP and RAP…possibly some innapropriate stuff?  I’m always looking for the latest in Christian Rap that I can play at youth group!  Kingdom Business is AMAZING!

RAFFLE PRIZE OF THE WEEK!-  Gave away a Sponge Bob Extra Lather Expanding Loofa!  Definitely has the potential to change lives!  Go to the bath section at Wal-Mart!


So….does this get you excited?  It does me!  Have a great week!  I’m praying for you all today.  And just in case you are wondering what I really do with my life and time…here is a video I posted a while back  which I think is HILARIOUS and represents SO MUCH of my daily realities!!  Be on the look-out for more great hints, game ideas, and topic ideas for your student ministries!


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  1. acleveland

    “RAFFLE PRIZE OF THE WEEK!- Gave away a Sponge Bob Extra Lather Expanding Loofa! Definitely has the potential to change lives! Go to the bath section at Wal-Mart!”

    That’s what I’m talking about.

    August 24, 2010 at 1:29 pm

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