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Why College Football Matters

                       My calendar often functions with a lot of chaos and a lot to do.  I am my father’s son, and I received from him an ability to work extremely hard with a lot of purpose in order to get to a certain event on a calendar.  If I know I have a trip with family coming up, I can dig deep and stay focused.  The excitement of the upcoming event keeps me fresh and keeps me motivated, even when it has absolutely nothing to do with how my work and ministry week is transpiring. 

                   I hesitate to say that FALL is upon us, as it is suppose to be 93 degrees today; however, fall is upon us.  Kids are back in school, the fall semester has kicked off.  Last night we had 50 students from First Farragut on the Hill celebrating a new year of UMYF…AWESOME!  Not only that,  but college football is not far away.  I’m a ridiculous Iowa Hawkeye fan and more than 50 percent of my wardrobe is black and gold.  We’ve got a good team this year, and in just a week and a half we will kick off our football season on the Big Ten Network against Eastern Illinois.  A few years ago I began a tradition of making a HUGE POT of vegetarian (to cater to my sweet bride as well) chilli as a part of a Saturday kick-off celebration!  I’m super excited about Saturday’s this fall.  My office-week runs from Sunday through Thursday (unless there are youth events or games or functions to attend Friday and Saturday).  So…As my office week winds down during college football season I get really excited for the 4-5 hours of pregame, cooking, and gametime action!  It’s one of those things that is really fun for me during the fall.  Maybe for you it is a walk through your neighborhood when it’s not so crazy hot.  Maybe its sitting on your back patio with your family.  For me, college football is not everything and it is certainly not life or death.  But, it is fun…and it does matter, and it does give me a break from the grind of ministry.  September 4th will be a great day…the chilli will be hot (come on over…there will  be plenty to share) and the hawkeyes will be in my living room.  Its the little blessings, the little breaks, and the anticipation of things we enjoy that often keep us fresh, motivated, and moving through our weeks!  That is just one of mine.  What are some of yours?  Have a great Monday!  Go Hawks!


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  1. NICK WHITE!!!

    Wow mark can i come

    August 25, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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