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Glory to God

                                 I recently had the privaledge of preaching a 3 week series at FFUMC.  3 Things God uses to Grow your Faith.  I adapted a series done by Andy Stanley for our church and had a blast bringing the Word.  We started in week 1 looking at Practical Biblical Teaching, then moved onto Providential Relationships, and finished with Pivotal Circumstances.  We addressed these things as significant in our quest to have big faith.  My parents drove up from Texas for week 2 and it was so awesome to have them here!  Growing up as a preacher kid I was always listening to my Dad preach.  It was absolutely wild to reverse it and have him listening to me.  Even cooler than that, he prayed for my sermon during the service!  What a joy.  Our worship director, Jayme Lyttle, played one of my favorite worship songs in the WORLD at the conclusion of the sermon, “Glory to God!”  I was sitting in my seat next to my wife, my mom, and my dad, thinking, “how did life get this good?”  I couldn’t help but offer the song up to God with passion, knowing that HE was responsible for the blessing of that MOMENT in my life.  We often give thanks to God, or challenge our young people to give credit where it is due.  But when we really understand that and offer God our life in worship and our praise in thanksgiving our lives can truly be changed forever.  Listen to this song today.  The message is simple, not complicated, yet powerful.  “Take my life and let it be yours!”  I’m thinking of you all today and giving glory to God for the role that you all play in my life.  Have an incredible Wednesday!


One response

  1. lizabiza

    mark buddy! this is one of my favorite songs of all time! its even my ringtone. i love it! and you!

    August 13, 2010 at 6:39 pm

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