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4th annual kick-off blasts!

                         When I began at First Farragut during the summer of 2007 they had arranged kick-off events for middle school and high school youth called “THE BLASTS!”  Both were pool parties and they allowed us a chance to all get back together after the chaos of the summer and connect before we kicked off the official year of UMYF/ Youth Group.  They have become a staple as a part of our group and we are having our 4th blasts since my arrival this week! 

                        Saturday night the High School students will be at the Lucas home from 6-8pm (bring $5 for pizza), and Sunday night the Middle School youth will be at the Mobley home from 5-7pm (bring $5 for pizza).  Both events are pool parties and both events are a blast (sorry)!  People are busy in the summer (especially here in Knoxville), and so these events are a great opportunity for us to re-connect, talk about the fall season coming up, and to get fired up about what God is going to do in and through the youth group!  Parents, make sure that you have these events on your calendar so that your youth do not miss out! 

              Know today that I am praying for you all…literally…on my knees (well, you get the idea) lifting up you all BY NAME to our heavenly father.  Thanks for your support and your encouragement in my life and ministry.  I’m blessed to have people checking in on the happenings of a goofy youth pastor.  Also, if you wouldn’t mind…please pray for my bride today.  She is back to school with students this week at NORTH MIDDLE and as is usually the case it has been a challenging couple of weeks.  Her stress level is high…teachers have it rough.  Pray for peace and plenty of time to get the things done that she needs to get done!  Those of you who know Becca know that she is amazing…and God won’t give her more than she can handle!

                         Have a great Tuesday!


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