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Inspiration above all the others

                 Lately I have been feeling worn down.  For the first time in my now 7 years of full-time ministry I have felt the early stages of burn out.  I have been seeking out a number of things to deal with this.  First, I am pursuing three things in my life that I allowed to go to the wayside.  Writing (blog and journal), reading (not just the Bible, but pursuing excellence again in being a student of the culture), and working out (which has been a challenge since my knee explosion in December).  In addition First Farragut sent me to the Summit in Houston as a part of my continuing education and it was phenomenal.  All of those things are great and I will proclaim are helping!  However, some of the greatest forms of encouragement and inspiration are the ones that we do not plan on.  Yesterday morning, after making the coffee for the church, I was working on a couple of things in my office.  Our contemporary worship director, as he often does on Sunday morning, stopped in to say hello.  He directed me to a video.  In the video was worship leader and recording artist CARLOS WHITTAKER, who while filming a music video for GOD OF SECOND CHANCES experienced something that should CHANGE US ALL.  I’ve still got chills from watching it and have probably watched it a dozen times since yesterday morning.  Pay close attention during these five minutes, count your blessings, and be ministered to as I was.  Thank you Carlos and Danny.

—-in case it is hard to understand what is happening…while they were filming a homeless man named Danny approaches Carlos, gets down on his knees, and begins worshipping with him…and he is AMAZING!  If he can praise God can’t we all?!  When Carlos says to him at the end, “you trying to make it Danny?”  He responds with, “no, I am making it!”  AMEN!


2 responses

  1. Mallison's

    This video is inspiring. Thanks for posting.

    August 9, 2010 at 12:38 pm

  2. nick white

    I really like the video mark u should try and get jon to put it on the big screen during service

    August 12, 2010 at 5:10 am

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