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Reflecting on the Summit (at Charlotte airport)

               I’m sitting in the Charlotte Airport right now waiting to grab my connecting flight into KInoxville in about an hour.  Had a great half week in Houston attending Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit via-Satellite at the Woodlands Church.  Definitely am inspired and filled; however, conferences (no matter how good) are like getting fed by a firehose.  Over the coming weeks as I begin the fall season of ministry at FFUMC I’ll re-visit some of the talks given and the notes taken.  There are already a couple of things I want to do personally in my walk with Christ and my family as a result of the inspiration received.  Doing those things I believe will have a greater impact on the strength and the health of my ministry than any new and fresh to do lists I could come up with at the church.  I’m going to reference some of the great speakers my dad and I heard in coming blogs, such as BILL HYBELS (founding and current pastor at Willow Creek), Blake Mycoskie (Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS shoes….AMAZING GUY!!!!!), and ANDY STANLEY (Senior Pastor at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia)…among others. 

                 The summer of 2010 is about to come to a close…and I must say…I’m ready.  It has been long, often away from home with ministry and family, and I actually miss the office and a regular routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t desire to live a stale and rehearsed life, but as a person who is spontaneous and energetic  (an Otter) I have found that seasons of ministry that keep me grounded, stable, and structured, are extremely beneficial to my growth, development, and maturity as a young man in full-time ministry. 

                          We will be kicking off Middle School and High School Youth for the fall this week along with a Thursday trip to Dollywood!  Young Adults kick off the following week…and YOUTH JAM 2010 (our 4th fall retreat) is coming in ONE MONTH!  Amidst all the things in our lives that feel so uncertain there is one thing I can proclaim from the Charlotte airport with absolute certainty.  We are not alone.  God is with us…and He has a plan for us all…one that is filled with his teaching, with relationships, and with circumstances (not always pretty ones)…and those things will help us to grow our faith to amazing places as we continue on the journey that is the Christian walk.  See you all in Knoxville…time to fly!  Praying for you all today.


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