24/7/365 GROW

The Glory of the Houston Humidity

              Greetings from Houston!  Caught a 5am flight out of Knoxville…flew through Charlotte, and just pulled into my parents house in Tomball!  To say that it is just a smidge warmer than Knoxville would be a DRAMATIC understatement.  98 degrees today with a heat index of around 110 degrees!  GUH!  Try that one on for size!  Crazier than that is that I’m going to play a round of golf EARLY TOMORROW morning…try to beat at least some of the heat and put up a number.

               I’m really excited about the conference I’m attending this week with my Dad.  Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit.  The hub for the conference is at Willow Creek’s main campus in the Chicago Suburbs…but it is broadcast via satellite all over the country.  Speakers this year include Tony Dungy, TD Jakes, Adam Hamilton, Bill Hybels, and the Founder of TOMS shoes…just to name a few.  It is a balance of business and church leaders…which is fantastic for a young guy like me who 1)grew up in the church 2)went to Bible college to prepare for ministry and 3) has spent all of his adult life in full-time ministry.  Sometimes that practical side of living your faith out in the real world aside from the church is something that I don’t grasp.  I need to continue to surround myself with those kinds of men at FFUMC and am looking forward to being encouraged this week at the Fellowship of The Woodlands!  I’m about to meet my parents and sister Amy (Amy is in town for a mother-daughter-teacher visit before school starts up in Iowa) for some Mexican food (AMEN)…but I’ll update you all on the week that is in front me. 

               Please pray that I would feel a strong sense of peace this week and that my body, soul, and spirit would be rejuvenated for what God has called me to.  Praying for you all today, specifically my church family (and youth and young adults at FFUMC).   Have a fantastic Tuesday!  And if you are anywhere near Houston, turn on the air conditioning!


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