24/7/365 GROW

4 weeks on the road…and counting

June is over…and it was one of the craziest months ever.  Becca and I have spent very little time at home over the last 4 weeks…and we are not done yet.  I’ve got a few days back in the office before our family (dogs included) head North to Iowa for my brother John’s wedding!  I’ll be performing the ceremony (will have performed all 3 of my siblings wedding ceremonies over a 12 month period) and can’t wait to get up there…it will be a memorable week!  Upon returning from the Iowa wedding I’ll be preaching a 3 week series (3 things God uses to grow your faith) and getting back into the swing of things with the youth and young adults as we begin to wrap up the summer calendar.

Living out of a suitcase provides interesting perspectives on life.  I am so blessed to know a God who offers we Grace and Mercy each day in a new way.  I’m humbled to be living life with my wife who loves and supports me unconditionally.  My dogs greet me as though I am a celebrity…and it never gets old.  I’m so thankful for the simple blessings that make life so meaningful and special.

So…as we prepare for another trip to another part of the country in what has been such a whirlwind summer full of trips I am left thinking one thing.  God has been showing up in my life in amazing ways!  How has He shown himself to you this summer?  What has He been teaching you?  Or is your summer just slipping away with a focus on YOU?  Becca and I have felt challenged recently to take God out of the box that is our LIFE in East Tennessee.  He desires to do something in and through us.  However, when we get comfortable in our routines and our schedules we fail to allow His hand to guide and lead.  We want to follow him in all things.  I pray that for all of you today as we prepare to celebrate the fourth of July!  Have a great holiday weekend.  Talk to you all soon!


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