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A lot has happened

It’s summer, for real, which means my blogging will be toned down a notch until the fall.  The main reason for this is that my blogging happens on a pretty fluid schedule…as in, Monday-Thursday as soon as I get in the office after I make the coffee.  Take away the office and the coffee and I’m not nearly as diligent in getting things posted.  So…I wanted to give you all an update on everything that has happened over the last week and a half and to prep you for the couple of weeks that are in front of me and my family.

My Iowa golfing getaway was spectacular.  It was restful, peaceful, full of time with family, time with the Lord, and time on the golf course with my brother.  Had an incredible Wednesday night with my two sisters and their husbands hanging out in Downtown Des Moines and at Lisa and Kyle’s Apartment.  Thursday began the golfing marathon.  John and I played 18 at the Harvester in Rhodes, Iowa in the late afternoon hours.  After 7 long years of losing to John I managed to come out on top.  Played a great round on some FAST greens (Iowa High School State Championships were the next 2 days) from some of the back tees and shot 89.  I lost to John the next morning at his “home course” Hunters Ridge in Marion, Iowa.  And we finished off our golfing trip at the TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois, home of the PGA Tour’s John Deere Classic (John Deere is played the week before the British Open).  The drive home is never as much fun as the drive up, but after driving to Peoria on Friday night I finished the drive to East Tennessee on Saturday.  The highlight of my short time up in Iowa came at the Harvester with John.  Many of you have read my post called, “THE BACK 9 @ HARVESTER.”  When John and I arrived at the same hole where my “meltdown” occurred last year he said, “so, I know we’ve got some history on this hole and I thought we could make some more.  Will you perform Mollie and I’s wedding ceremony in July?”  I WAS BLOWN AWAY.  Apparently John had been planning for a while to ask me 0n that hole.  It was a special moment for both of us.  It meant a lot to me that he was so intentional about creating a pretty cool memory!  So, I’ll be performing John and Mollie’s wedding ceremony on July 10th in Cedar Falls, Iowa!  This means that in one calendar year I will have performed the wedding ceremonies for ALL 3 of my siblings.  WOW!  God is so good and Becca and I are so excited.

I arrived home Saturday evening in time to work on some final preparations for the NEXT BIG THING of the beginning of the summer.  Sunday night I had made plans with Becca to go over to her parent’s house to have a family birthday dinner (Becca turns 30 this week….but we are on high school missions on her exact birthday, June 10th).  Becca was fairly clueless until the day of when she seemed a little suspicious.  Little did she know that I had planned a huge surprise party with some of our best friend’s here in East Tennessee (Dave and Marian Lewis, Greg and Liz Shahan, and Alex and Stefani Hudson).  Becca’s brother and sister-in-law were also there.  The surprise party was catered by Becca’s favorite restaurant, Seasons Cafe, and we had an amazing birthday cake from Mag Pie’s that was covered in pink and white girly stuff (tiara’s, cupcakes, swirly swirls….you know!).  About a mile from Becca’s parents house I had her put on a blindfold.  I led her into her parents kitchen, told her to take off her blindfold, and……”SURPRISE!!!!!”  She was shaking she was so shocked!  It was awesome.  I wanted to have a small and special event with just a few people to make my wife feel loved!  We definitely succeeded as it was an awesome night of honoring her!   I still have a few small surprises up my sleeve for her actual birthday….but it was such a great memory for all of us.

Now we are making final preparations for our first major trip of the summer, High School Missions.  Becca & 2 other adults from FFUMC will be joining me as we lead 14 students (18 of us total) to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for an Urban Plunge Missions trip put on by Latreia.  We leave Tuesday and will return the following Monday.  Please be in prayer for all of us as we travel and seek to have an impact for the Kingdom!  IT should be a great week with a fantastic group of kids and adults.  I’m pumped!  I’m praying for you all and certainly have not forgotten about any of you.  Things are a little crazy here with my summer schedule!!  I’ll catch you all when we’re back from Minnesota.  Have a great start to your summer…give God the Glory, take time with him, and take some time to relax.


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