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Sweaty Jeans

Tomorrow is an exciting day as the youth from First Farragut make their final preparations for summer missions trips.  They will arrive at FFUMC @ 9am in Jeans, T-shirts, and Tennis-Shoes for a full day of work around the grounds here.  At 4pm they will go home, fully prepared and anxiously awaiting what God has for them on their respective adventures!  There is one student left in the High School group who attended our missions trip to Urban Promise http://urbanpromiseusa.org  during the summer of 2008 in Camden, New Jersey.  We were the grounds and maintenance crew for a week on their campus!  As we pulled in early during the month of June the Northeastern United States was pummeled by a heatwave.  Part of the dress requirement put into effect by yours truly on missions trips is that we wear Jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirts each day…even during a heat wave.  The water bottles were constantly being refilled and the sun-screen was applied over and over again.  Hats and t-shirts were soaked, and much to my amazement, so were the jeans!  You know it is hot outside when your legs are sweating through your denim protection!  Fortunately the hydration and regular breaks kept us all safe and the stories that we still tell from that trip are phenomenal…especially of our celebration day in Ocean City, NJ as the kids received SURFING lessons!  In less than 4 weeks we will be looking at pictures and taking account of what God was able to accomplish at Urban Plunge in Minneapolis and St.Paul & Serve the City in Knoxville and the surrounding area!  I pray that whatever your summer calendars are holding that you have made room for the Holy Spirit to do great things in and through you and your family…maybe even through some sweaty jeans!  Have a great start to your week!   I’m praying for you all today!

CHECK OUT MY DAD’S BLOG TODAY @ STEVEARONOWITZ.COM!  He’s gonna bring it this week!


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