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Rain Dance

This morning I was hanging out with my brother in Christ Gene Treacy.  I took him to get a Port put in for his Cancer treatments and then drove him to Parkwest hospital for chemo treatment number 7 of 12!  I was glad I could be with him and serve him!  He has such a great attitude about kicking cancer’s butt!  Please continue to pray for him as he battles.  Additionally, one of my ALL-STAR youth (Megan Scheuneman)’s mom is battling cancer for the second time in her life, this time with Brain Cancer.  She began treatments last Friday.  On top of that they lost both of their dogs last week.  The Scheuneman’s are an incredible family!  So positive, loving, focused on Christ and on one another.  They are vital members of the First Farragut Church family!  Please pray for Kathy as she goes through this ordeal and for husband Phil, daughter Megan, and son Matt as they support her.

My father also is dealing with some re-occurring back troubles.  He has had back surgery for nerve problems and is dealing with some of the same pain/ numbness that he had back in 2000 and 2005.  He goes to see the specialist tomorrow.  Please pray for him as he battles.

These three individuals have one thing in common today.  They are maintaining a strong faith in Christ, trusting in him to handle these issues, and staying positive!  Sometimes I feel like with tough stuff in life WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS.  As I was sitting in the waiting room at the Vein Center with Gene this morning I read a SPECTACULAR  quote which reads…”Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about dancing in the rain.”  Today as I thought about Gene, Kathy, and my Dad and some of the physical issues that they face they share one thing…they are all doing a rain dance!  I called to check on my Dad today and he said, “I’m encouraged, I’m trusting in Christ, I’m taking this as a Word from the Lord to get back in my Bible, on my blog, and back in regular communication with him!”  He’s setting aside the physical frustrations and dancing in the rain amidst this storm.  Gene and Kathy are doing the same.  Their faiths are all strong, their families are all amazing, and their ability to face their respective storms head on is awesome.

I love weather, I love rain (unless I have a tee-time), and our tendency with rain is to run inside and hide from it.  Is that what we do with our struggles in life?  Do we run and hide…or do we trust Christ and face them head on…even dancing in the midst of it!  I guarantee you this, whatever your situation…it could be worse.  I was counting my blessings this morning as I prayed for my friends battling Cancer and back pains…thankful for the day God has given me.   Have you been hiding this week?  Time to do a little dancing.   Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Kate

    That quote is one of my favorites!

    May 31, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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