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Midwest golf heaven (the Harvester Re-visited)

Last summer as we celebrated my sister Amy’s wedding my brother introduced me to one of the most spectacular golf courses I have ever played (probably my favorite course with Edisto Island’s Plantation course a close second), the Harvester.  Check it out at harvestergolf.com!  About 6 weeks ago I began craving time on the golf course with my older brother John.  There is nobody (other than my dad) that I would rather spend my time with outdoors.  With my month of June fast approaching (VBS, High School Missions, Middle School Missions) I decided I needed a mini-escape for my sanity’s sake.  Next Tuesday I’m going to hit the road and head for the Midwest.  I’ll drive from Lenoir City to St. Charles, Missouri on Tuesday night.  I’ll drive from St. Charles, Missouri to Des Moines, Iowa via Iowa City for some Hawkeye shopping to hang with my sisters and brother-in-law’s on Wednesday night.   And then on Thursday I’ll head 45 minutes Northeast of Des Moines to Rhodes, Iowa, site of the Harvester one golf course.  John will meet me there for a 3pm tee-time.  We’ll play 18 at Harvester before driving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to spend the night.  We’ll wake up Friday morning to play a round at Hunters Ridge Golf Course in Marion, Iowa.  After Lunch we’ll head East just across the Mississippi River to Silvis, Illinois to play at the TPC @ Deere Run, home of the PGA Tour’s John Deere Classic!  Saturday I’ll drive the remaining 600 miles home to East Tennessee.  3 unforgettable rounds…15 amazing hours of fellowship on the links with my big brother!  I’ve had a number of people already call me crazy for driving over 2,000 miles for a few rounds of golf.  However, the time on the road relaxes me.  Worship music, some healthy snacks, and the quiet.  It is so much cheaper these days and so much less stressful than flying to just hop in the car and go.  No hassles with security, bag fees, or flight delays.  Just me on the open road.  This is my relaxer before the craziness of the summer.  Beginning the first week of June we’ve got Vacation Bible School, High School Missions, Middle School missions, followed by family Vacation, my brother’s wedding in Iowa, and then my 3 week preaching series at First Farragut.  When that is done the kids out here will be back to school already!  Crazy!

2,000 + miles on the road- $200

3 tee-times at Midwestern gem golf courses-$150

15 hours of fellowship with big brother-$free

35 hours in the car-$full of worship

10 Peanut Butter Cliff Bars$15

12 Vitamin Waters$ 12

82 cups of starbucks coffee $ too much money

Another trip to my home state with my amazing family-  Priceless

What are you looking forward to this spring and summer that will point you to Christ and bring joy to your life?  Something with family?  Some trip to some amazing location?  Today is a great day to count your blessings and to be excited about what God has given you.  Do that as you start your week.  The rest is as good as Greg and Liz Shahan’s Biscuits and Gravy!  Have a great Monday!


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