24/7/365 GROW


I have and will always be a PEOPLE person.  I am energized by my time spent with God’s children, young and old-er than me!  This weekend is CHALKED full of what I love most in this world…FELLOWSHIP!  Tomorrow I’m golfing with some close guy friends in the church (Michael Alsobrooks, David Lewis, and Chris Andrews.  Tomorrow night I’m joining Chris at the Tennessee Smokies Baseball game for some BBQ nachos (double A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs).  Saturday I am hanging with my beautiful bride at a local farmers market and festival as she sells her INCREDIBLE jewelry (which you can see by clicking the link to the right!).  We are visiting some close friends at their business as they feature their products Saturday afternoon…and Saturday evening we are having dinner and playing games with David and Marian Lewis!  Sunday is the crown jewel as we have Becca’s parents over to honor Nan with a mother’s day brunch!  When that is over I’ll hit one of the couches in my house and watch the end of the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass on NBC!  My wife enjoys weekends like this…but they also drain her.  I love weekends like this…and I come home hyped up on fellowship adrenaline.  Sometimes I have to tell myself to shut-up when we are on our way home from events and functions with people because Becca is tired (understandably so…she is normal) and I am crazy excited from all the conversations and fellowship (I’m not normal).

I can’t wait for what this weekend will hold in relationship growth and laughter!  Also, special shout out today to my mom, Dona Aronowitz, in Tomball, Texas!  I love you so much mom!  Thanks for putting up with me for so many years…for not giving up on me, and for always believing in the good that you occasionally got to see!  My life was forever changed by your love, faith, and laughter…and your punishment 🙂

So, as a tribute to my beautiful mom….enjoy the video below.  And don’t forget, as Mr.T says, “treat your mother right!”


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