24/7/365 GROW

a scary lunch surprise!

I received quite a jolt yesterday during the lunch hour.  I go home around lunch time each day to let out my dogs.  We go through the garage into the backyard…and as we turned the corner into our backyard I noticed something on our air conditioning unit….A HAWK…we’ll call it at least 2 feet tall!  HUGE….and my little mini-schnauzer Ellie was off leash staring at it.  I screamed at Ellie, “GET INSIDE!”  We all ran back in the house…and I proceeded to make some bird noises (I know, I’m weird like that) from the back patio.  We apparently don’t speak the same language as the Hawk flew to a nearby tree.  This particular Hawk has been hanging around our house for a while now.  Becca took photos the day before of it on our chimney.  Now, I’m not sure if it would attack us or swoop down to grab one of my little dogs….but it certainly is not the type of animal that I feel like making friends with.

I would like to say that the Hawk knows that a hawkeye fan resides at 562 Dixie Meadows Drive…but I think it has more to do with the hawk being hungry and mistaking my little doggies as rabbits.  Lesson learned…always keep your eyes open as you walk.  You never know what you are going to see and you need to be ready to respond appropriately.  Whether you need to turn and run from the hawk (or satan) or whether you need to embrace an opportunity to reach out to someone with the love of Christ…each day is an adventure.  I am praying for you all today!  Have a spectacular Tuesday!


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