24/7/365 GROW

Abide in Christ…Results will come

Thanks so much for your prayers as I preached yesterday morning.  Was an exciting day as we recognized our graduating Seniors (Andrews Burroughs, Ryan Montalbano, Patrick Graham, and Luke Treacy) and continued in our Sunday morning series, “The unexpected adventure.”  Yesterday the focus was, “Roadblocks in the Unexpected Adventure.”  We looked at 1 Peter 3:15, “Set apart Christ as Lord…”  It was a powerful challenge.  Our Fears in life often get in the way of our ability to share Christ with others.  If we focus first on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ we will not fear man, rather we will fear the magnificent glory that is the person of Christ (Hallowed be thy name!).  We must fear displeasing God more than we fear what men and women think of us.  When we do that we will sanctify the Lord and always stand ready to share with people the hope that we have in Jesus Christ!  I pray today that you might be able to set apart Christ as Lord in each area of your life (your schooling, your workplace, your marriage, your family).  If we give a growing relationship with Christ the attention it needs the results will take care of themselves on God’s watch.  Have a fantastic Monday!


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