24/7/365 GROW


                I want to say a huge thanks today to a handful of people.  First, to my brother in Christ Jayme Lyttle for being the mastermind behind First Farragut’s first big concert!  Second I want to say thanks to all the incredible youth and youth leaders who came to serve unselfishly last night (especially Mark Veness…HEAVY LIFTER!).  Thirdly I want to say thanks to Shane and Shane and John Mark McMillan for pouring their hearts out to the crowd of 200.  Such an incredible night of worship before the throne of God.  It was such an honor and a blessing to do ministry alongside those guys last night.  They are passionate about living out their faith through sweet sounds of worship and through a LIFE OF WORSHIP.  I am blessed.  I am blessed to serve a God who offers me Grace and Mercy this morning.  I am humbled to come before the cross this morning, bowing down in the splendor of his majesty.  Sunday mornings are pure, still, and yet still full of passion and excitement.  Praise the Lord! 

                     Be on the lookout for more concert information from First Farragut United Methodist Church.  Last night was the first of many amazing nights of fellowship and worship together. Have a glorious Sabbath. 


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