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My handicap

           Trust….I just need to trust more.  Over the past 3 weeks I have been falling in love with the game of GOLF all over again.  I was cleared to begin playing and have felt like a kid in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  I’ve already been fitted for a new driver and putter and registered online to pursue an official USGA handicap.  I’ve put in rounds of 85,86,95 (from the tips at River Islands), and 85.  I’m excited about the time I can spend in God’s creation again.  I’m excited about the guys I can fellowship with again for an afternoon or a morning.  I forgot how much I loved the game; the smell of the grass, the nervous feelings on the first tee, pulling the right club and hitting a perfect shot, chipping in to save a miraculous par, making a putt you didn’t expect to make, warming up very slowly an hour before a tee-time, taking my precious time to soak in every possible minute of life on a golf course…I love it all.  I’m thankful for the progress I’ve made on my surgically repaired knee.  I’m thankful for my therapists at the Parkwest surgery center.  I’m also thankful for David Lewis, my therapist by default, at First Farragut.  David was at my surgery and has checked in with me weekly (if not more) since surgery in Janurary. 

               Honestly though, golf makes me think about life.  I’ve been doing all this work recently to gain an official USGA handicap…and the word handicap makes me think about the ways that I continue to struggle in life.  One of my greatest spiritual handicaps is an inability to trust in God to take care of my daily needs.  I allow myself to get so consumed by how things (knee surgery, struggles at church, failures at home) affect ME!  I think about how my life is and how I can change things for myself instead of relying on God each day, trusting in him to mold me and lead me through every moment!  I just need to trust more.  I need to trust each day.  I need to trust each thing that happens in my life as a part of God’s master plan for me.  Sure, this summer sounds busy, and at times stressful…but why worry about that right now?  He has something for me today, in ministry, at church, at home, with my family, with my friends, with my youth group…and I don’t want to miss it.  What is your spiritual handicap today?  Are you addressing it?

                  On a lighter note, the video listed below was sent to me by a good friend who understands what it is that people in full time youth ministry do.  Watch, laugh, and the pray for me.  Have a great Thursday.



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